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  • BUaxmwRc - 02/12/2015
    with 2 chefs kicked off of last week's show, lacey (finally!) and la (slightly sriuprsed), now it's already down to 7. i'll the survey and list those 2 as gone. carol had a bad night too, we'll see if my prediction holds up.

  • kkwsZNEc - 11/06/2015
    it doesn't matter if the bolts are tehgtenid, the metal is so weak that it fatigues after a day of riding, the gear shifter will go then the break then the shocks and everything else soon after that

  • kmAK4iF6un6 - 09/06/2015
    Yeah Killer you are spot on. I bought a Brand new 2010 Yamaha WR450F itnsead. We have got 7 motorbikes in ours house. We have 2 chinese and the rest japanese. Everytime the kids ride the chinese bikes there is something that goes wrong. when the ride the RM80, DS80 s and PW80 nothing goes wrong. Never need to do anything to them. YZ125 s go hard. If I got this chinese 250 on here it would never have been able to cope with how hard i can ride the WR. Ride hard!!!

  • 1YC9qnmiA5 - 09/06/2015
    do not buy anything cinsehe! my mate had a cinsehe quad and everything broke on it! petrol pipe kept falling off, then it bust, the tires are shit electrics are crap! the best way to put it is avoid all the cinsehe crap! they always look good but they are put together with the cheapest parts going! if you want some real fun go fore a yamaha or something! iv got a 2005 yz125 and also a yamaha blaster! never had one problem with either of them!

  • OOaLkcVS6Z - 08/05/2014
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