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  • iaELhtp1ICYZ - 11/06/2015
    Nice superfood list. I have been tyinrg to work on my diet but its hard for me as I love junk food in a serious way so I' really tyinrg to cut it out. That's my first dietary step. Eliminate junk, eat foods that are real . Here's my short list. These are things that I found to be real, taste good, are good for you and I pretty much eat them all, everyday. Chobani greek yogurt 8oz has no fat, 9g of sugar, and around 20g of protein. I don't think it has as many active cultures as Kefir but there are some. I use it in smoothies and eat it plain with some granola mixed in. eggs perfect food? My go to when I don't have time to make a full meal. almonds by themselves, sprinkled on salad, mixed into to chicken salad bananas cheap, you can get them all year round raw spinach bison leaner than beef. I don't eat this everyday but when I'm making something that calls for ground beef I use this instead. I still go for beef when eating steak. March 23 at 10:55 am