• Naturaid Trentino 2010

    “NATURAID TRENTINO” wants to bring the “Naturaid philosophy” of its founder Maurizio Doro ( to the place where he grew up Trentino. This philosophy is based on the respect for the nature that surrounds us and always tries to increase the harmony between the two elements.

    This is the essential condition to bring out the best in us, by starting an extreme mountain bike competition in a unique one stage race, without any outside help.

    This new way to experience sport has been put to the test from 2004 till 2008 in the first five editions of "NATURAID MAROCCO" ( an international MTB competition of 600-700 km and about 10.000 m vertical meters, in a unique one stage race, with no help from outside (self-supporting) and with a cut-off time of maximum 88 hours. This concept was conceived and organized by Maurizio Doro, a professional extreme athlete.

    The concept of unique stage race leaves the athlete free to choose when to bike and when to relax, as long as he or she reaches the finishing line within the cut-off time. Self-supporting means that every athlete brings the necessary clothes and food to finish the competition.

    Only water is handed out by the organization at several “Check Points, (CP’s)”. These CP’s are planned at every 30-35 Km; there the participants will find water and a place to rest and to eat and warm themselves.

    Up until now there hasn’t been any event like this in Europe!

    Most sports activities are having difficult times but individual and endurance sports are encountering an increase in popularity. Marathons and long distance bike competitions have more and more participants, also from abroad. Unlike conventional competitions, performance, classification and finishing line loose part of their importance and increase the adventure, because endurance racing is more about the interior search of strength and the sense of travelling.
    During the competition the athletes are guided - more than through the signs - by the so called “Road Book”, a sort of guide with the necessary information about the tour. During the event they have to respect the highway code, but this won’t be a problem for them, considering that they bike mostly off-road.

    Special attention is given to the environment: those who will not respect nature will be disqualified.

    During the trip, the athletes experience landscapes, colors, villages, paths, torrents, lakes, forests, meadows, mountains and everything else Trentino has to offer. Biking allows the participants to enjoy everything at their own speed and to take wonderful pictures.

    The event coincides with the full moon, so it is possible to bike at every hour of the day and the night, experiencing unforgettable moments. Naturaid is made for the well trained athletes and for adventure lovers.

    This ambitious project aims to promote Trentino with an international event, which is new in Europe.

    The idea behind this kind of competition is that the athletes follow the “Road Book” for any information concerning the route; there are hardly any signs and only few staff is needed.

    The route is pre-planned to give the maximum safety to the participants and the road users. Wherever it is possible, the main roads are avoided, so the contestants will bike along cycle paths, secondary and forestry roads and paths. The staff of Naturaid is present at each part of the route with a special team to guarantee a steady progress of the competition. In case of emergency they know how to act with regard to safety, logistics and alternative routes. The competition lasts a maximum of 60 hours (from Friday, 25th of June 5 a.m. till Sunday, 27th of June 5 p.m.), but having a length of about 400 km, the athletes will cross the different areas at different moments, depending on their training, stamina and luck during the race.

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  • tV7V2OB5fTYS - 20/05/2016
    If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say "Kabawungo, dude!"

  • nieto - 02/02/2010
    sticaxxi 400km!! roba da iron man :-))))