• Scanuppia Day, the hardest climb of the World

    The hardest asphalt climb in Europe (see, this could be enough to scare any cycle tourist and tease any biker!

    The City of Besenello and ASD Gronlait Orienteering Team, organize for Sunday, April 25th, 2010, an international cycling event, reserved exclusively for Mountain-Bike called:
    "Scanuppia Day-The hardest climb of the World", climb open to bicycles only on this occasion.

    The climb is a total of nearly 7 km long with an average incline of 17% and a maximum of 37% (45% internal hairpin), the fund is in raw concrete.
    Departure altitude 200 m, at the end and climb Besenello, Busental (Scanuppia Mount) 1300m altitude, with an altitude difference of 1100m.

    Sito ufficiale della manifestazione


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