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  • Tour: The Skull (Val del Diaol)

    Type: Downhill
    Length: 23 km
    Elevation: 1170 m

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    The Skull, also called "La val del Diaol", the devil's valley...
    These two names represent the most famous downhill tour on Northern Garda Lake.

    Discovered and developed years ago by some dowhnill local historical figures, the Skull has become something legendary, almost mystical. A funny anecdote is that the name The Skull was given after the discovery of a cow skull in the middle of the path, during development works and deforestation.
    Now the Skull finds new life (after years of neglect and heavy use by thousands of bikers) thanks to the volunteers of the Alto Garda Bike Area, which aims to treat and maintain in good condition paths downhill area.
    So we decide to start our 2010 mtb season with an adrenalitic descent from the mighty Monte Baldo: the starting point in S.nicolò harbour, in Riva, then we head to Torbole, the weather seems good and not too hot: this will let us reach Doss Casina (the highest point of our trip) more easily.
    Once in Torbole, we follow the road leading to Busatte Park, and then take the main asphalt road to Monte Baldo, that climb up very hard, most of all for those who have dh bikes!!
    The big suffering is quite compensed by the suggestive view on Torbole and the Garda Lake. As we arrive in Malga Zures, we can take a breath, eat something and prepare for the last piece of effort that will bring us to Doss Casina and then to Malga Casina.
    As you pass Malga Casina, after less than 1 km, you'll find the sign "Val del Diaol": follow the trail on the left and you will soon see the beginning of the path: the Skull is 4,5 km long, some parts are very fast and flow, some more technical, made of big stones.
    The downhill ends up in Nago, in the industrial area. Follow the roads between the countries and then go back to Torbole.

    Technical notes: the Skull should be done with an appropriate bike, full ammo right for downhill/freeride...if you dont want to break up your wheels!

    Here's is a video:


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  • Bruno55 - 02/10/2019
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  • Maurizio da prato - 02/06/2016
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  • Pipeline-Riva del Garda - 06/04/2011
    Settimana prossima mi ci fiondo

  • Andrea - 13/03/2011
    il video dimostrativo purtroppo non funziona

  • Alto Garda Bike Area - 08/09/2010
    Grazie ragazzi questo è quello che ci da la giusta carica per continuare a cercare nuove vie e ripulirle per il divertimento di tutti quelli a cui piacciono le discese adrenaliniche.Ciao a tutti BARCH.

  • elias - 02/05/2010
    fatto sabato 1 maggio con albert64 e daniele77(MTB-FORUM).....che dire , splendido e tosto.

  • Matej - 22/04/2010
    it is nice

  • Tommaso - 10/04/2010
    Che dire... discesa strepitosa! Provare per credere!